Monday, February 28, 2011

Dates, Timelines and Important Info...

First of all, thank you.
Thank you so much for your encouraging words, your emails, your supportive comments and your prayers.
Your words and prayers walked us through such a difficult time.  And though this baby (in case you missed previous posts - I'm pregnant...) might still make an early entrance into the world, this baby is doing well.
Which is why I write...

As of June 20th, I will be going on maternity leave.
And I am not taking sessions again until after September 1.
(Although we do have a couple of weddings in there that are completely unaffected!  I could not be more excited for those weddings and the incredible couples!!!)

Finally, I do want to add, there may be a location change for our family over the summer months.  (And yes, we will keep everyone posted)  This does not affect our wedding clients or future weddings because we will still consider Chicago one of our home bases!  But, there is a chance that we will not be here in the future for individual, couple and family sessions.  So at this moment, my calendar is only available for sessions through June 20th until further notice...
(In simple terms...if you're looking to book a session with us, book before June 20th!  If you are interested in giving us the honor of documenting your wedding day, let us know anytime!)

All of you rock.  Big time.  And as always...I can't wait to tell your story.


And just to spice things up today, enjoy a little video from one of my favorite little ones.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

To my 3 loves...

Tomorrow I leave.
And I hate it.
Well, I don't hate it...but...
I leave all 3 of my favorite people in Chicago while I head off to Vegas for a photography conference that happens to go over my birthday.  (Slightly sad, I'm not gonna lie)
Part of me is excited.
Part of me is terrified of flying by myself.  (Read: thoroughly convinced that I will somehow lose my keys, my phone, my boarding pass or something ridiculously important)
And sometimes, when you're so used to life with certain people - you don't remember how to be by yourself.  And this time, Ted isn't coming with me...
I know it will be good for me.  I am certain I will meet incredible people, I will learn so much and I will come home overwhelmed with wonderful-ness for my life and business.  (um, yeah...I'm blessed to be going to Making Things Happen and Natalie Norton's Breathe workshop and I can't begin to explain how much my soul needs this.)
But, since I'm feeling all mushy - I'm going to post some pictures to help me get through the hard moments.  And to remind me of why I'm so excited for when I get to come home.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Christa and Adam

He was right in front of her eyes...but she just couldn't see it.
Neither could he.
They had been friends for years.  They had gone to church together, spent time together and sung karaoke together.  But they were just friends.
It's not like she wasn't aware that he was handsome.  And he could not miss the fact that she was gorgeous.  But they were friends.  Just friends.
But sometimes it's in those friendships where you start to realize the obvious.  Though this person isn't what I thought I was looking for, they are exactly what I need.  This person brings out the best in me.  And I can't avoid those beautiful eyes anymore.
So their story began...
And in a matter of months, these two will be getting married.  And we could NOT be more excited!

Christa and Adam, thank you SO much for taking over downtown with me.  I had such a wonderful time with you two.  And honestly, I was beyond honored to get to capture such a beautiful relationship.  You two are incredible.  And together?  Ever more incredible.  We are so thrilled that God brought you two together.  We're big fans...

So without further ado, meet Christa and Adam:

Yes, they are adorable as all get out...

And they love to laugh together.  So yes, they are some of my favorite people ever.

Let's just go ahead and put the obvious out there - Christa, YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!!

Being the kind-hearted photographer that I am...I made them race.  In the middle of downtown...


Christa.  Seriously.  So beautiful...

If you'd like to see more pictures from their engagement session - just click HERE for their SLIDE-SHOW.  And a special thank you to Andrea Bustin for this beautiful recording...  (She also happens to be Adam's little sister.  Just wait until you hear him play guitar as well.  These two amaze me.)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My girls

She wouldn't quit.
I gave her many reasons to do so, even though she'll argue and say that's not the case.
I was hurting.  I was ready to give up.  And she was ready to walk through all of it with me.
Throughout our TEN years of friendship, she has pushed me.  Spoken the hard words.  Manufactured silly songs and fantasticly amazing CDs complete with songs from the Swedish Chef.  Held my hand.  Made me laugh so hard I nearly wet my pants.  Told me I could do it.  Called and left hilarious messages that to anyone else would seem border-line crazy.  Reminded me that it will be okay.  Had faith when mine was gone.  Walked me through the goodness of God when I couldn't see it.  Listened to me cry - not the simple tears, but the snot-inducing, heaving, painful sobs.
Of course, during this friendship,  she had to go marry an absolutely incredible guy and move to Tokyo.
BUT, they came to visit.  And though we were saddened not to get to see her equally unbelievable other half, we did get to hang out with her and her PRECIOUS daughter.  And yes, I officially claim aunt-hood to this GORGEOUS little lady.  Be jealous. 

I'm so in love.

Can we just draw attention to the fact that Katie is BEAUTIFUL?!?  Oh my goodness...

Could they be ANY cuter?  Nope.  It's impossible.  I'm convinced.

Yep.  I just melted.

And requirement:  You simply MUST check out their SLIDE-SHOW  And the music is courtesy of Devin Bustin